A perfect solution to a brighter smile: kOR whitening

A storybook wedding, an important job interview, a graduation, or easing a lifetime of embarrassment… patients often have a special reason for whitening their teeth.

That’s why we developed a full line of KöR Whitening systems using our proprietary Dual-Activated™, Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide formulation and delivery system. And why KöR Whitening is the first and only whitening company to insist on continuous refrigeration of our whitening gels from the moment of manufacture until they arrive cold-packed at your dental office.2015-04-22_1921

KöR is widely recognized as the world’s most effective whitening system – with no need for lights or lasers. KöR offers cost-effective solutions from phenomenal home whitening for typical patients, to astonishing treatment of tetracycline cases — and everything in-between.

Our full line of whitening systems include:


A patient-pleasing at-home whitening system that consistently yields amazing results at a great price. The KöR Home Whitening System is available for nighttime whitening as well as daytime whitening.

Nighttime whitening is always more effective than daytime whitening. This option provides a great whitening result for the typical patient at the lowest cost.

Treatment: 2 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening with KöR-Night 16% carbamide peroxide; and periodic at-home maintenance.

This daytime at-home whitening system is for those patients who prefer not to wear, or are unable to wear KöR-Seal Whitening Trays during sleep. KöR-Day may also be used for the super-sensitive patient who can only tolerate wearing whitening trays for very short periods.

Treatment: 2 or more weeks of at-home daytime whitening once or twice a day with KöR-Day 9% hydrogen peroxide; and periodic at-home maintenance.

Our best selling system, KöR MAX is a versatile and super-effective whitening system that combines at-home whitening with a single in-office whitening visit. This option provides the very best possible whitening result for the typical patient.

Treatment: 2 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening with KöR-Night 16% carbamide peroxide; a single in-office whitening visit utilizing KöR 34% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel, and periodic at-home maintenance.

The KöR ULTRA Whitening System delivers astonishing whitening results on stubborn cases such as fluorosis and dark geriatric staining.

Treatment: in-office conditioning visit utilizing KöR 13% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel delivered in KöR-Seal Whitening Trays; 3-4 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening; a final in-office whitening visit utilizing KöR 34% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel; and periodic at-home maintenance.

The KöR ULTRA-T Whitening System is specifically developed to deliver truly exceptional results on cases of tetracycline staining that were once thought to be untreatable.

Treatment: in-office conditioning visit utilizing KöR 13% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel delivered in KöR-Seal Whitening Trays; 6-8 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening; final in-office whitening visit utilizing KöR 34% Dual-Activated, Tri- Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel; and periodic at-home maintenance.






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Oral DNA Testing

Oral DNA Testing: How It’s Solving Mysteries and Saving Teeth

Remember the game Clue? Using the process of elimination, players would attempt to determine who the murderer was, what weapon they used, and which room the crime was committed in.

Until recently, dentists have had to use similar guesswork in order to diagnose periodontal disease. It takes years to recognize the clinical signs and symptoms in their patients, because it takes patients that long to perceive them as a concern worth mentioning. Often, by the time it has been detected, irreversible damage has already occurred.

Oral DNA testing has solved the mystery! Molecular biology has provided us with a solid method for identifying the oral bacteria that causes the infections. Instead of trying to reverse damage, the technology gives us the tools to properly treat the signs before they cause the problems in the first place.

The process is a quick and painless to analyze your oral DNA; it’s as simple as spitting into a DNA cup or swabbing the inside of your cheek.

In Clue, it would be like starting the game with the cards already spread on the board in front of you… and then ending the game with healthier teeth.

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How to Relax at the Dentist

When was your last dentist appointment? How many times has anxiety forced you to reschedule?

Know that you are not alone.

Many people experience Dentist Anxiety and have fears about visiting the dentist, but Restorative Dental can help. We understand your concerns and want you to know that visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. Follow these simple tips to ensure your next dental visit is as comfortable as possible.

  • Discuss your fears with your dentist. The Restorative Team is ready and willing to speak openly with you about your reservations to help alleviate the stress you are feeling. Once your dentist is aware of your fears, he/she can determine the best way to treat you and answer any questions you may have concerning your oral health or treatment plan.
  • Consider the use of sedation. Fear of pain and discomfort is so common that Restorative Dental offers all patients the option of nitrous oxide sedation or prescription anxiety control. These allow you to enter a more relaxed state during your visit.
  • Bring a trusted family member or friend with you. Having someone you trust nearby can help alleviate stress that is associated with a dental visit. The Restorative Team understands your need to feel safe, and will welcome your guest to sit nearby during most treatments.
  • Seek a distraction. Bringing headphones and listening to your own music creates more of a calming effect than the sounds of the dental tools or the office music.

Go ahead, make your appointment and let us know about your fears. And if one of your fears is how you will pay for your exam, we have one more solution for you! Restorative Dental in Clarksville, TN is currently offering a New Patient Special of just $89 for initial exam, cleaning, x-rays, and oral cancer screening. Make your appointment now by calling 931-648-9604.

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Eat Your Way to a Whiter & Brighter Smile!

Are you searching for the secret to a whiter smile?

What if we told you… the answer was in your kitchen?

We oftentimes find ourselves stuck, pondering the endless variety of teeth whiteners and quick ­fix toothpastes in our convenient store’s hygiene aisle. But what if we told you that the answer is actually not where you think it is and that preventative measures taken before the damage is done can actually provide better and longer lasting results?

Search no further! The answer is actually in your kitchen. That’s right, folks! Avoiding certain types of foods can help aid in the preservation of your pearly whites and keep them healthier for longer! No more dreadful sighs from the dentist when you go in for your yearly check­ up. With these helpful tips, you’ll become their new favorite client and even have a sparkling smile to show for it!

Here is a list of 7 food groups to avoid for improving the health of your teeth:

● Dried Fruits with Added Sugars (Always be sure to check the back of the label for a list of ingredients such as added sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavoring that can wear away your teeth’s enamel.)

● Sugary Drinks

● Hard Candies

● Alcohol (Again, because of the added sweeteners and also because of the decrease in your body’s natural ability to produce saliva while consuming alcoholic beverages.)

● Citric & Acidic Foods

● Starchy Foods

● Coffee & Tea (Now, we know this one is much easier said than done, but what coffee and tea drinkers can do, if they don’t want to give up their daily cup of joe, is rinse their mouths out with water after consuming any caffeinated beverages. This allows for a “soft cleaning” in between brushings and helps remove any build ups or bacteria that might have settled on the surfaces of your teeth ­ which can cause a variety of oral health issues if continued.)

Here’s a bonus tip: Did you know that using a lemon or an orange peel can help clean your teeth after eating or drinking? Try using the white side of the peel and notice the cleansing results!

If you follow these tips, you will undoubtedly prevent your teeth from staining… but how do you get rid of the stains that are already there? Call Restorative Dental in Clarksville TN! Our dentist office is family friendly and offers safe and effective teeth whitening services! Our custom-fit trays and powerful whitening gels produce results much faster than over-the-counter products!

Be sure to visit our dentist office on Dunbar Cave Road in Clarksville TN!

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The Spooky Stats About Halloween Candy & Oral Health!

Halloween is this week and while some of you parents may hope to steer clear of the candy overload it can be impossible for your children to avoid all the candy around this time of year. The old saying that “candy will rot your teeth” can be true, but there are also some sweet treats that are actually good for you and have less of an impact on your oral health. We wanted to provide you with some information on alternative sweet candy treats, while also diving deeper into which candy’s can be the absolute worst for you and your children’s teeth and why.

Surprising Alternative Candy Treats:

Sugar-free Lollipops and Hard Candies: Eating these types of hard candies can help stimulate saliva, which can help prevent dry mouth. Dry mouth allows plaque to build up on teeth faster, leading to an increased risk of cavities. Having sugar free lollipops and hard candies, as Halloween candy will also help save you a trip to the dentist for a cavity filling!

Sugar-free Gum: Sugar free gum can prevent cavities and tooth decay believe it or not. It helps to dislodge food particles from between the teeth and also increases saliva, which works to neutralize the acids of the mouth and prevents tooth decay.

Dark Chocolate: Who does not love chocolate! Dark Chocolate is the underdog of the chocolate family, but it has the most health benefits! Dark chocolate and its antioxidants can be good for the heart and may even lower blood pressure.

The Worst Candy Treats:

Sugary Snacks: Snacks like candy corn, cookies, and cake can all cause tooth decay from the high amounts of sugar they contain, this can lead to increased cavities in the mouth.

Sour Candies: Warheads and candies of that nature all are highly acidic and can break down tooth enamel fast, which you can not grow back. While staying away from these candies is the best thing, if you do eat them one tip to keep in mind is to wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth after you eat them. The reason it lets the acid harden and helps avoid brushing the acid onto more tooth surfaces and increasing the risk of enamel erosion

Chewy/ Sticky Sweets: Gummy worms, taffy, and dried fruit snacks are candies that can get stuck in the crevices between teeth, making it hard for saliva to wash them away which can cause tooth decay.

While Halloween is a night of fright and candy delight, having the knowledge of which candies to give out and allow your children to eat can help you not have a frightening trip to the dentist on your next visit! From everyone at the Restorative Dental office we would like to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween this Thursday!

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Get Your Smile On!

Smile today and we guarantee you will be in a better mood.  Even if you have no reason, smile because it’s World Smile Day! World Smile Day is the brainchild of world-renowned commercial artist Harvey Ball. Harvey is the creator of the ever-popular Smiley Face that has become a mainstream symbol used all over the world to date.

Harvey became concerned about the over-commercialization of his symbol, and feared that its original meaning had become lost in the continual repetition of the marketplace.  That is why and how his idea for World Smile Day® came to be. He thought that all of us should devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout that world.

World Smile Day has been celebrated on the 1st Friday in October since 1999 and has grown into an international day of smile. So go ahead and show your pearly whites today, because you never know whose day you might brighten!

Not feeling confident with your smile? Let Restorative Dental help you get the smile you have always wanted. We have a wide variety of dental services to meet your smiles needs.

Call our office at (931) 648-0604 or visit our office in Clarksville, TN for all of your dentistry needs.

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Tooth Sensitivity

Can you bite into an ice cream cone or drink a cold beverage without pain?  If so, you’re lucky.  If not, you’re probably one of a great percentage of people who suffer from tooth sensitivity.

What causes tooth sensitivity?  Nerve endings that reach from the center of the tooth into the outer layers aren’t being protected as well as they should be.  This could be caused by tooth decay, fracture or abrasion to the tooth enamel.  Teeth whitening can also cause sensitivity when some of the tooth enamel is eroded away.

What can be done about tooth sensitivity?  There are toothpastes specially designed for sensitive teeth but make sure they carry the ADA seal of acceptance to make sure it lives up to its claims.  The active ingredient in these toothpastes are strontium chloride or potassium nitrate.

At Restorative Dental, we also recommend a special treatment that can be applied in our office to the sensitive teeth that lasts for days or months.  These can be applied during your regular dental cleanings.

There is also a more permanent solution which is tooth colored fillings applied to the affected areas of the teeth. Dr. Sandberg expresses,  ”ask us about this method during your next visit to our office in Clarksville.  Together we can find a solution to tooth sensitivity that works best for you!”

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please call our office at (931) 648-0604 or visit our office in Clarksville, TN for all of your dentistry needs.

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Teeth Brushing Tips for Kids

Teeth Brushing Tips for Kids

“As parents ourselves we understand that getting kids to brush their teeth is tantamount in good oral health presently and in the future”, says Dr. Sandberg.  As parents, how do we expect kids to do what we say when they don’t see us doing it yourself?

Are you brushing for two minutes twice a day?  A new public service campaign called “Kids’ Healthy Mouths” urges kids to brush for two minutes twice a day or 2min2x.  This is a great campaign but they need your help in making it stick and become a daily routine for them.

Have you ever wondered why we should brush for two minutes? 

Some experts say that it takes two minutes for the tooth enamel to uptake the fluoride in toothpaste, but two minutes even without toothpaste or fluoride is better than nothing at all.  In any case, two minutes is a long time when brushing your teeth. Restorative Dental promotes good oral health and the building block for maintaining strong, healthy teeth begins with brushing thoroughly twice a day.

If you’re using an electric toothbrush, you’re probably already accustomed to the two minutes that they’re usually automatically set for. Two minutes for a child can seem like an eternity. One tip many dentists give children to pass the time while brushing their teeth is to hum a  song such as “happy birthday”, which must be hummed twice since it is only a minute long. “The staff at Restorative Dental would love to know if you have a favorite song you often hum while brushing your teeth”, expresses Rita, administrative assistant.

Here are some fun videos your kids can watch while brushing their teeth:

Click here for videos >>>

You can also use a reward method with a weekly chart for the kids to fill in when they’ve brushed for 2 minutes 2 times a day. Kids rapidly respond to the reward method.

Here is a free chart from Restorative Dental that you can download and print :


Click here for downloadable chart >>>

But leading by example is still important! Even using bribery to get your kids to brush their teeth regularly is secondary compared to the “monkey see, monkey do”  theory. Your kids will most likely do whatever they see you doing. So get to brushing for two minutes, twice a day, for your oral health as well as that of your children’s!

Here at Restorative Dental, we can show your children the proper way to brush their teeth. If you have any questions or concerns please call our office at (931) 648-0604 or visit our office in Clarksville, TN for your dentistry needs.

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Invisalign® vs Braces

Invisalign® vs Braces

By now you’ve probably heard about or seen someone wearing the new clear plastic aligners called Invisalign®.  You may be wondering if they might be right for you.  Most people who need braces hesitate because of the “look” of the metal braces and are now thinking about the clear plastic, almost unnoticeable aligners.

“It is important for us to first discuss your need for braces in the first place” explains Dr. Hartz of Restorative Dental. Straightening of your teeth is not just for cosmetic reasons; although that is a plus in making for a perfect smile. But aligning your teeth is also important in your oral and overall health.  Swollen, red gums are often the result of crowded or too widely spaced teeth.  When teeth are properly aligned, the gums fit more securely around the teeth making for a tighter defense against potential periodontal disease. If you experience any of these oral health concerns, you may be a candidate for Invisalign®. You can visit our office, right here in Clarksville for more information.
Now that you and your dentist have decided that you need teeth alignment, the question is which method do you use?  Here are some pros and cons of both.

One of the biggest challenges of having braces is food getting trapped in the braces and which causes plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay. With Invisalign®, an alternative to tradition metal braces,  the aligners are removable for easier cleaning.

With regular braces there is usually some discomfort to gums and mouth from the metal and wires.  As well as  tooth decay can become a concern due to inadequate brushing and flossing.  Many people also do not like having to sacrifice not eating certain foods like popcorn, pretzels, ant nuts; however, with Invisalign® this is not a concern.

Invisalign® usually takes about 12 to 14 months and the retainers are changed at two week intervals during this timeframe .  There is a less expensive alternative to Invisalign® called ClearCorrect® but they are changed at three week intervals and usually takes a few months longer that Invisalign ® to achieve the desired finished result.

Here at Restorative Dental, we will sit down with you and discuss all of your options and see which method right for you to achieve your perfect smile. Our local office is located off of Dunbar Cave Road in Clarksville, Tennessee. We would love for you to come visit us or call (931) 648-0604 for more information.

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Which Toothpaste?

As you travel through the toothpaste aisle, you’re probably bombarded by all the claims of the many different toothpaste brands like “Whitens Your Smile”, “Prevents Tooth Decay”, or “Freshens Your Breathe As It Cleans”.
And you’re probably wondering if one toothpaste is better than the next.

Here is one important label to search for on your toothpaste quest. Always look for the ADA seal on your toothpaste’s box! According to the American Dental Association,  “This shows the product has been tested, its claims are legitimate, and its ingredients are effective”.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer paste or gel, cinnamon or spearmint, those options don’t have anything to do with the effectiveness of your dentifrice.

So, which toothpaste (or gel) is right for you? Do you want whiter teeth?
Whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives that help polish teeth and prevent the buildup of additional stains—but they won’t have much impact on older discolorations.
For a whiter smile, look for pastes or gels that contain modified silicone abrasives, like Rembrandt or Ultra Brite brands. If you’re not satisfied with the results after one month, ask your family dentist about in-office solutions.
We would love for you to visit our dental office in Clarksville, so we can provide custom-fit trays and powerful whitening gels that produce results much faster than over-the-counter products.

What about fighting cavities?

There have been a lot of discussions lately about the use of fluoride in city water systems. The mineral fluoride, which the ADA refers to as nature’s cavity fighter, coats teeth and protects them from cavity-causing acids.
Every day, a sticky film of bacteria is trying to form on your teeth.  That film is plaque, and it interacts with certain foods—mostly sugars—to produce acids that eat away at your tooth’s enamel, which results in tiny holes (cavities).
The solution?  While most toothpastes contain fluoride you can be certain any product that features the ADA seal and claims to be “anti-cavity” will do the job.

Here’s a helpful tip… After brushing, spit but don’t rinse right away!  This gives more time for the fluoride and other ingredients in your toothpaste to work.

For some of our general dental patients, these toothpastes don’t work, so Restorative Dental can provide you with a prescription cavity fighter such as Colgate PreviDent.

What is tartar?

Tartar comes from bacterial plaque that has hardened.  No matter how much you brush, once the tartar has formed, only that little pick your dentist uses can scrape it off. However, toothpastes containing tartar-fighting elements can prevent the plaque from hardening. Look on the label for ingredients like pyrophosphates or zinc citrate.  Crest Tartar Protection is one ADA-approved option.

So, pick your toothpaste carefully and visit your family dentist regularly!

Come visit Restorative Dental in Clarksville, so we can give you more in-depth advice as to your personal needs as far as you at-home dental care.

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