Oral DNA Testing

Oral DNA Testing: How It’s Solving Mysteries and Saving Teeth

Remember the game Clue? Using the process of elimination, players would attempt to determine who the murderer was, what weapon they used, and which room the crime was committed in.

Until recently, dentists have had to use similar guesswork in order to diagnose periodontal disease. It takes years to recognize the clinical signs and symptoms in their patients, because it takes patients that long to perceive them as a concern worth mentioning. Often, by the time it has been detected, irreversible damage has already occurred.

Oral DNA testing has solved the mystery! Molecular biology has provided us with a solid method for identifying the oral bacteria that causes the infections. Instead of trying to reverse damage, the technology gives us the tools to properly treat the signs before they cause the problems in the first place.

The process is a quick and painless to analyze your oral DNA; it’s as simple as spitting into a DNA cup or swabbing the inside of your cheek.

In Clue, it would be like starting the game with the cards already spread on the board in front of you… and then ending the game with healthier teeth.

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