Eat Your Way to a Whiter & Brighter Smile!

Are you searching for the secret to a whiter smile?

What if we told you… the answer was in your kitchen?

We oftentimes find ourselves stuck, pondering the endless variety of teeth whiteners and quick ­fix toothpastes in our convenient store’s hygiene aisle. But what if we told you that the answer is actually not where you think it is and that preventative measures taken before the damage is done can actually provide better and longer lasting results?

Search no further! The answer is actually in your kitchen. That’s right, folks! Avoiding certain types of foods can help aid in the preservation of your pearly whites and keep them healthier for longer! No more dreadful sighs from the dentist when you go in for your yearly check­ up. With these helpful tips, you’ll become their new favorite client and even have a sparkling smile to show for it!

Here is a list of 7 food groups to avoid for improving the health of your teeth:

● Dried Fruits with Added Sugars (Always be sure to check the back of the label for a list of ingredients such as added sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavoring that can wear away your teeth’s enamel.)

● Sugary Drinks

● Hard Candies

● Alcohol (Again, because of the added sweeteners and also because of the decrease in your body’s natural ability to produce saliva while consuming alcoholic beverages.)

● Citric & Acidic Foods

● Starchy Foods

● Coffee & Tea (Now, we know this one is much easier said than done, but what coffee and tea drinkers can do, if they don’t want to give up their daily cup of joe, is rinse their mouths out with water after consuming any caffeinated beverages. This allows for a “soft cleaning” in between brushings and helps remove any build ups or bacteria that might have settled on the surfaces of your teeth ­ which can cause a variety of oral health issues if continued.)

Here’s a bonus tip: Did you know that using a lemon or an orange peel can help clean your teeth after eating or drinking? Try using the white side of the peel and notice the cleansing results!

If you follow these tips, you will undoubtedly prevent your teeth from staining… but how do you get rid of the stains that are already there? Call Restorative Dental in Clarksville TN! Our dentist office is family friendly and offers safe and effective teeth whitening services! Our custom-fit trays and powerful whitening gels produce results much faster than over-the-counter products!

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