How to Relax at the Dentist

When was your last dentist appointment? How many times has anxiety forced you to reschedule?

Know that you are not alone.

Many people experience Dentist Anxiety and have fears about visiting the dentist, but Restorative Dental can help. We understand your concerns and want you to know that visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. Follow these simple tips to ensure your next dental visit is as comfortable as possible.

  • Discuss your fears with your dentist. The Restorative Team is ready and willing to speak openly with you about your reservations to help alleviate the stress you are feeling. Once your dentist is aware of your fears, he/she can determine the best way to treat you and answer any questions you may have concerning your oral health or treatment plan.
  • Bring a trusted family member or friend with you. Having someone you trust nearby can help alleviate stress that is associated with a dental visit. The Restorative Team understands your need to feel safe, and will welcome your guest to sit nearby during most treatments.
  • Seek a distraction. Bringing headphones and listening to your own music creates more of a calming effect than the sounds of the dental tools or the office music.

Go ahead, make your appointment and let us know about your fears. And if one of your fears is how you will pay for your exam, we have one more solution for you! . Make your appointment now by calling 931-648-0604.