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Transform Your Look with Cosmetic Dentistry

The way your smile looks is key to the way you are perceived. When someone has a stunning smile that is bright, straight, and even, you will perceive that person as being more attractive. You may think they’re happier, too, because they probably love to share that beautiful smile!

You, too, can be that individual with a brilliant and memorable smile. Here at Restorative Dental, we provide various cosmetic dentistry techniques that will quickly transform the way your teeth look. Some of the services we offer are:

Teeth Whitening

We provide all kinds of effective tooth whitening methods. If you want a whiter smile that people notice, you can choose between our take-home trays, Zoom whitening syringes, Venus whitening, fluorescent whitening, and more. Our hygienist even provides a type of whitening varnish that will give you a brighter smile in just a few minutes!

89Dental Veneers

Dental veneers will allow you to keep your natural teeth while giving you the appearance of a movie star. Dental veneers can cover up imperfections like discolored, misshapen, or chipped teeth. You can even reduce the appearance of gaps and misaligned teeth. Sometimes these can be done without ever changing or modifying the teeth, which makes them completely reversible. Dr. Bare can give you a consistent, attractive smile with dental veneers.

Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth? You don’t have to settle for replacement teeth that are uncomfortable or unrealistic. Dr. Bare restores dental implants with crowns that are incredibly realistic. Your teeth will stay in place at all times, allowing you to chew and speak perfectly. Dental implants will feel comfortable and look beautiful for life.

Cosmetic dentistry can transform your look and your self-esteem. You deserve to feel great about the way you look and the way others look at you. Give us a call today to set up a consultation with Dr. Bare about cosmetic dentistry.

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