Dental Technology

10Groundbreaking Technology

You deserve the next-level health, safety, and comfort that advanced dental technology can give you.


Velscope technology utilizes a blue light that highlights abnormal cells in the tissues of the mouth. Velscope is able to detect abnormal cells extremely early. The earlier we can detect signs of cancer, the better chance we have in fighting it.

Oral DNA

You deserve the most effective treatment against periodontal disease. Oral DNA allows the dentist to test your saliva diagnostics for an exact diagnosis and effective treatment. Oral DNA also provides technology to detect oral cancer.

Perio Protect

Want to avoid swollen and bleeding gums? You can avoid periodontal disease and all of the symptoms that come with it by using our Perio Protect trays. All you have to do is wear the trays for a few minutes a day to optimize your oral health.


Dental caries, or tooth decay, need to be detected ASAP in order to prevent them from becoming larger. Through early detection, we can avoid additional procedures and the additional cost in both time and money. Our Soproblue camera rapidly gives us accurate information about caries in the mouth. This technology allows us to detect decay long before it becomes evident clinically.

Advanced OSA Treatments

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA, is linked with countless unfortunate symptoms. OSA is connected to bruxism, or teeth grinding, which leads to worn down teeth. Another variation of worn dentition is abfraction lesions, which are the loss of tooth structure, usually in a wedge-shaped pattern.

OSA is also linked to scalloped tongues, which involves indentations along the sides of the tongue. Worn-down teeth and scalloped teeth decrease the function and ability of your mouth to eat and speak. When you treat OSA with our advanced treatment methods, you can avoid these symptoms and many more.

The dentist and staff members know that utilizing state-of-the-art technology results in shorter appointments and healthier mouths. Call us today to schedule your oral cancer screening, decay check, or OSA treatment.