• If teeth were extracted on the day your dentures were delivered, the dentures should remain in place (even during sleeping) until your follow-up appointment, usually the day after the denture delivery. The denture acts as a band-aid and will help you stop bleeding and will help you avoid dry sockets.
  • If teeth were not extracted the day of your denture delivery, you should still keep the dentures in your mouth as much as possible. It is also permissible to sleep with the dentures on the day of delivery only.
  • Usually sore spots develop within hours of the denture delivery. These will be adjusted during your follow-up appointment. Leaving the denture in your mouth continuously will make it easier for the dentist to locate the areas that need adjustment.
  • Living with dentures will require a significant period of adjustment. Most people who succeed with dentures make a firm commitment to succeed before the denture is ever fabricated! You will need to re-learn many basic functions, such as speaking and eating. Some things, like biting an ear of corn or an apple probably won’t be possible with dentures. Patience and commitment will help you succeed with dentures!
  • Over the course of time, your dentures will get loose due to changes in your jaw bones. You will need to return to our office for adjustments from time to time.
  • If at all possible, wear your dentures from delivery until the first follow-up appointment. If you have teeth extracted and you remove the dentures prior to your follow-up appointment, you may not be able to get the dentures back in your mouth.
  • If you were prescribed a pain reliever, take the pain reliever as directed, but only if you need it. If you were not prescribed a pain reliever, you may take any non-prescription pain reliever that you normally take for minor pain according to package instructions.
  • If you were prescribed antibiotics, take them as prescribed and take them until they are all gone.
  • If you ware prescribed an antibiotic mouth rinse (e.g. Peridex), use it as prescribed, but only for five days or as directed.
  • If you have problems with pain after taking a pain reliever, please contact our office.
  • Initially, expect chewing with dentures to be difficult. Start with soft foods, like mashed potatoes and work toward more solid foods over time.
  • You will need to clean and store your dentures everyday. We will provide cleaning instructions during your follow-up appointment. When dentures are not in your mouth, they should be in their case with water added to keep them moist. If a denture dries completely out, it may warp. Do not sleep with dentures in your mouth (except on the day of delivery).
  • You had extractions and are bleeding excessively. If your mouth fills with blood every 5 to 15 minutes and you have to the bathroom to get rid of the blood, you are bleeding excessively. Contact our office immediately. If you have difficulty contacting us, go to an emergency room.
  • You have a reaction to any prescribed medication.
  • Your pain is not adequately controlled by prescribed or over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • You develop symptoms of an acute infection, such as fever, swelling, red and angry-looking gums, orflu-like symptoms.
  • You have any other questions or concerns about your dentures or the healing process.
  • A follow-up appointment is needed after denture delivery. Usually, this appointment is the next day. Following this appointment, you may need additional appointments for adjustments. Please contact our office to schedule these appointments.
  • Although you no longer have teeth, periodic oral exams are still needed to ensure oral health. We will schedule you for these important exams.